Confessions of a New England Gardener
Seboomook Lake, Maine - Labor Day Weekend

Today's blooms

DSC_0028 It is September and how did that happen so fast?  School has started and the rudbeckia are well in tune with the school buses I am seeing on the roads these days.  School bus yellow...what can one say.  It is a color with which to contend but this is not a post about that color but of the other colors blooming right now in the garden.Kirengeshoma p. Yellow was bells The Kirengeshoma is blooming and Buddha sits serenely at its' feet.  Since this plant is native to Korea and Japan it does seem only fitting and appropriate.K. palmata Also, I will be traveling to Nepal in December of this year so Buddha seems to fit.  I love Kirengeshoma. Four feet wide and tall, this plant blooms for over a month with lemon yellow flowers. It works well with any yellow variegated hosta or blue plumbago, Ceratostigma plumbaginoides.  I would hate to do without this plant.  It is a plant with few pest or disease problems.  Love it.  DSC_0002

Also blooming, although inundated with the Dutchman's Pipe, is the Phlox ' Laura' which is  doubly special as I have a niece Laura.  She is just as lovely.DSC_0006

The best in the garden today was little Hailey who fed the fish and listened to the wind chimes. I found that it is difficult to take a baby's picture when you are holding her all of the time but Grandpa came home and I did take this picture of the little princess with two crowns.  I will remind her of this when she complains of a bad hair day.