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Seboomook Lake, Maine - Labor Day Weekend


Swan Farm in the glow of the campfire

Labor Day heralds the official end of summer and the last vacation summer weekend.  In New England, even  the upper part of Maine, the weather was perfect.  Daytime temperatures at the family compound were around 70 F with night temperatures dipping into the 40's.  DSC_0027 Seeboomook Lake is remote.  There are very few camps on this lake which make it an ideal place for solitude unless you travel in packs as my family tends to do.  Even so, there is always a space unoccupied.  This porch, which is being rebuilt, is ninety three feet long and connects the three buildings. DSC_0157 This is the view from the porch in early morning.  The stairs were those removed from the old porch and now are the 'stadium seating' for the campfire.  I jest, they will be reused or burned but here they sit until work is completed on the porch. DSC_0081 What a porch it is.  You can watch the sunrise and the sunset on either end of the lake  or you can catch a glimpse of the loons bobbing on its' surface.  You are more apt to hear their haunting calls. You can also spot the dust thrown up on The Golden Road which is across the lake.  The Golden Road is used by the logging trucks and it is best not to meet these trucks on the road as they are traveling at great speeds with heavy loads. Back to the porch....  Books are read on this porch, food is eaten on this porch and suffice it to say that a few beverages have been consumed on this porch. DSC_0159

It connects the cabins, each having their own unique charm.  The main cabin has a kitchen and living area, DSC_0169 the middle cabin is the work shop with an array of tools collected over many years and the third cabin is small but equipped with stove, sink, bed and  flour cupboard.DSC_0017   What more could an inhabitant want?  Here is the inside of the small cabin. DSC_0018 It It does look rustic doesn't it?  Although there is a generator, there is no cell service, no television and no computer.  So, in this age of electronics, what is there to do?   There is boating to be doneDSC_0129 and four wheeling DSC_0021 up the two miles of bad road to the main road and the car parking area.  In Maine, when the locals say 'You can't get there from here', this is just what they are talking about.  Some family members have been known to arrive by sea plane but a monster truck is what is needed to make it all the way down the driveway.DSC_0009   Driveway is a loose term here.   There is also cooking and eating which take up a major portion of any vacation. DSC_0170

I find 'Communal Cooking' to be more interesting than solitary preparation and eating in a group is always more enjoyable than dining alone.  Rob is enjoying chili and cornbread in this picture taken in the first, or main cabin.  In addition to the above mentioned activities, spotting moose tracks is second to none.  The size of these prints always amaze me. DSC_0060 Moose are not to be toyed with so seeing the tracks at this time of year is almost enough for me.    This vacation has one major drawback which is the seven and a half hour ride to get to this property.  It is not a convenient weekend trip but there is a price to pay for solitude.    Hailey took her first trip to MaineDSC_0172   and Tucker enjoyed all of the activities but none so much as resting on the porch in the glow of the firelight.  DSC_0113 So, what did you do on your Labor Day weekend?