Wordless Wednesday - July 29, 2009
Wordless Wednesday - August 5, 2009

Summer garden maintenance

The new watergarden bed-Installation, October '08

Sometime in late July or early August the garden beds need a tune up.  The ongoing weeding just doesn't do the trick anymore as the edges of the bed blur with the repeated exposure to wind, rain, mower blades and animal traffic.  It is time to get out the edger and redefine the garden bed.  There are few tasks as gratifying as this one.  When the bed is finished, it is so satisfying to see the crisp new edge and pristine soil or mulch.  This bed was produced with the 'Lasagne Method' of gardening.  I cut a strip of grass from the edge and then layered newspaper on the inside towards the pond and covered that with compost and mulch. DSC_0005 The holly bushes and Amsonia were added at this time  as was the Ed Hirle Alberta Spruce on the right edge.  Heuchera 'Caramel' was added and perennial geraniums, 'Claridge Druce', for summer interest. DSC_0001 One of the geraniums needs to be moved as it is in the middle of two of the heuchera and they are a bit shorter.  I did add two metal tutuers and a container to add temporary interest to this bed. DSC_0003 The tutuers hold sweet peas which are bloomingDSC_0009

and the container adds a spark of color.    This bed helps direct traffic (not that there is much) to the bench area.  Sometimes children like to stand on the rocks edging the pool and they are not very sturdy so this is somewhat of a safety issue but in the future, when the holly gets large, this bed will provide a bit of privacy for sitting on the bench and watching the fish swim.DSC_0006 The large grasses on the right were part of the original planting. DSC_0007 The bench is a good place for a morning cup of coffee watching the fish and frogs and listening to the birds. DSC_0008This fall I am going to divide some daylilies and add them to the foreground of this bed.  More bulbs will also be added.  A garden is an evolutionary experience isn't it?