Wordless Wednesday - August 5, 2009
Garden whites

Goose crossing

High 78 F

Low  64 F


There are  perennials which can take over a garden.  Different parts of the country all have their own specific garden thugs and even the different garden beds here have their particular bullies.  The long border faces north and has well drained but moist soil through June.  July is generally dry here but not this year and I am applauding my decision to remove the Lysimachia clethroides, gooseneck loosestrife, from this bed.  In dryer areas, such as the back garden, it just marches along providing a curious spot of white in the garden.  These really are goose lookalikes don't you think? DSC_0008 They always make me stop and  pause and kids love them.  I think they are worth putting in an area that is not ideal for them.  If you give them the moist soil and full sun that they love, they will take over.  If you put them in a dryer area they may do just fine but not spread like a gaggle of pesky geese on the football field.  They have very strong roots which might just handle a heavy clay soil.  I'd like to hear about that trial so, Gail, how about it?  I'll send you some.  So, what is the most invasive perennial in your garden?