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Garden whites

High 93 F

Low  68 F

Humidity- Sweat is a way of life today.


Several years ago I was fortunate enough to visit  Sissinghurst.   I fell in love with the White Garden.  It was as enchanting as the first glimpse of a bride on her wedding day.  Pure, crisp, airy and serenely elegant.    A white garden is luminous at night.   White lights up a shady spot and is gentle on the eye even during the brightest of summer days. I find that white serves to enhance other colors such as making red much redder.   I may actually have a white garden here although it was not purposefully planned.  The back border is planted with Hydrangea p. 'Limelight', Hydrangea paniculata, and Aesculus parviflora.  They are all blooming and the 'Limelight' is  getting whiter by the day as it tends to do.  This back area is not really a garden, more of a shrub border but I can see a bit more white perhaps in the form of Hosta 'Patriot' or Brunnera macrophylla 'Variegata' which is probably a better choice due to its' deer resistance. 


There are other whites in the garden, this annual nicotiana has the purest of white flowers.  The lush leaves DSC_0009 give a tropical feel to the front garden and while they take a while to reach the flowering stage, their ultimate stature make them worth the wait.   Other whites include the gooseneck loosestrife of the previous post, cimicifuga, garden phlox and this  campanulaDSC_0015 to name but a few.  I think white adds vibrancy to a garden.  What about you?  How do you feel about white in your garden?