Heavenly Blue for Wordless Wednesday

Dog days

High 91 F

Low  72 F


There really has been some doubt in New Englander's minds concerning summer and when and if it would arrive.  It has.  The Tiger Eye Sumac in bright yellow is making the garden seem much hotter with the blue sky providing only visual relief.  The humidity is uncomfortably high but the garden critters, cicadas, crickets and other night creatures seem to love it.  I have actually had to water the containers and the vegetable garden these past few days. DSC_0004 Watering the garden required finding the sprinkler head which took the better part of an hour.  Some gardeners just don't put things in the same place each time.  This gardener put the sprinkler head right under the faucet but it somehow escaped notice until the fourth pass.  Then, there was the monumental effort of uncoiling the hose which had been used so long ago that it was trapped by a few weeds.  All this occurred in the early hours of the morning and definitely counted as a weight lifting and aerobic workout.  Once these chores were finished the camera came out to see what the lens would find.  It was so warm that it fogged and the humidity levels are not only felt but seen in this shot of these late blooming daylilies. DSC_0019 Thankfully, there is a blessed pool to cool the mind and the body. The camera sat this one out.DSC_0041 This is the view through the back gate.  The umbrella has seen better days but the water is inviting. Care  to come on over and cool off with me and Tucker?  It is always just a quick dip but it does do the trick.