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The left handed mitten

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The left handed mitten garden is a bit out of control.  Most gardeners know that editing plants from a garden is as important as adding plants to a garden.  This year I neglected to remove the rogue bee balm which is taking over this bed.DSC_0035   While the effect is currently charming and the hummingbirds are fighting over the army of blooms, removal must take place this fall or this bed will lose some of its' interest.  A bed of one plant looks good just while the plant is in bloom and most perennials' bloom period is not usually more than a month and much more often it is shorter.   DSC_0080 The plan view of the bed shows just how much bee balm is blooming and it is a pretty variety, Raspberry wine, I think.  I often wonder what would happen to all the beds and borders if I left them to their own devices.  This will happen someday but, in the meantime, I hope to share the triumphs and troubles with my blogger friends.  I did get to share with Jean and Jeff from Louisiana. DSC_0060 They were driving home from Maine and I encouraged them to take a side trip to visit. (Jean says I made her stop.) Yankees are direct!  I met Jean, as many of you did, at Chicago Spring Fling and we had a great time touring the Chicago Botanic Gardens together.  I do appreciate the time it took for them to veer from the trail toward home and share stories and gardening with the EM and me this past weekend.  Jean blogs about her garden over at Dig, Plant, Compost and I always enjoy her posts.  Thanks to you both for visiting Ledge and Gardens.