The left handed mitten
Wordless Wednesday - July 29, 2009

Looks like a bumblebee

High  83 F
Low   70 F
Current humidity 92%

During the recent visit from Jean and Jeff McWeeney, Jean and I spotted this interesting bee like creature attacking a Japanese beetle.  Jean writes her blog, Dig, Grow, Compost from Louisiana.  I have since learned that it is actually a robber fly, Genus Laphria.  It looks quite like a bumblebee but is in fact a robber fly.  I think I need more of these if they are going to prey on the Japanese beetles which have come out in abundance in the last few weeks.  I have never witnessed this insect activity before Jean and I spotted the goings on right on the leaves of the Tiger Eye Sumac.  Nature can be cruel but in this case, I am applauding!  On another note, the daylilies are in full force here at Ledge and Gardens and I am enjoying the display.DSC_0087   This is a favorite plant of bloggers and it is understandably so since the flowers come in such an array of sizes and colors.  It is truly summer here when the daylilies bloom in force.  Tucker is also enjoying the sights and smells of summer from atop his cool, ledge, perch.DSC_0088