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Happy birthday, Tucker

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Tucker is now eleven.  Eleven dog years means that he is now a senior citizen.  The sad truth is that dog's live a very short time compared with humans.  That means that you could have six or seven dogs in your lifetime.  Perhaps I should be looking at this as a positive rather than a negative.  More dogs to love!  They do weave themselves into the fabric of one's daily living.  Tucker is the Job Supervisor here at Ledge and Gardens.  He oversees most projects while lying in the shade and has been known to take a look at the finished beds. DSC_0016 Here he is overseeing the 'river of bulbs', tulips and daffodils, which are now emerging from the ground. He is generally a well behaved dog with good manners and a friendly disposition.  He is no Marley.  He has only one or two bad habits and is usually quite dignified.DSC_0080   You don't want to visit just after he has checked the gardens for cat scat.  He tells me that this is a dog delicacy and cautions me not to be so judgmental.  I try but I steer clear of his breath right after this activity.  He loves water. DSC_0015 He loves water to the point of addiction.  It is difficult to use a hose sprayer for any activity as he barks and jumps and tries to catch the drops. DSC_0001 He still cannot figure out where they go.DSC_0215

  The Job Supervisor does love to play frisbee. DSC_0017 He will carry it around if I am out in the garden and he wants me to stop and play.  This is a gentle reminder that  I am not alone and my companion needs a bit of attention now and then.  We celebrated his birthday this year by taking a walk around the garden and having a generally good romp. DSC_0022 Dogs are not hard to please.  I think that for Tucker's twelfth birthday we will have to get him a puppy to keep him young a bit longer.  I am really thinking of myself with this gift.   I don't like to think of him getting older and the eventual finality of life.  Today we are just going to celebrate another day with Tucker in the family. DSC_0005 Keep smiling buddy!