Up in Smoke!
Nibbles and bits

Reflections and tracings

High 45 F
Low  37 F

Dsc_0003 (3)Isn't it amazing what is reflected in a tiny drop of moisture?  I turned this picture upside down when I saw the reflection. Dsc_0003 (2) It may be difficult for you to see but that is the house at Ledge and Gardens.  It is a house of a different sort.  Octagon, with additions, but it suits the EM and me.  It might be easier to identify with the actual picture here taken in early summer.  Before you get excited about that greenhouse space, understand that it is an office.  An office with a good view but still, an office.  Seedlings are started in the basement, under lights for better results. DSC_0214  Tucker and I took a walk today and in addition to the above droplets we discovered that it is a bit dry here as the vernal pools have not filled. DSC_0019 That may still happen as spring begins tomorrow coming in at 7:44 A.M. and perhaps the rain will follow.  The vernal pools develop in the dark areas of the picture above.  Usually, they are full of water at this time of year.  As you can see they are just a bit muddy right now.

In the perennial borders, many plants are emerging from the depths of the soil,Dsc_0010 (2) others are experiencing a thickening of budDsc_0004 (2) and some, an extension of the aerial roots which are both fascinating and somewhat disturbing in appearance.DSC_0008 This Hydrangea petiolaris is climbing the barn wall but don't tell the EM.  He may not like that.  I live for the day that its' blooms hang in white lace perfection.Dsc_0025 (2) I have found that once growth begins, spring is the correct term for what happens within the garden.  I have to look closely right now but within the next few weeks I will be jumping from plant to plant with great exclamations! How about you?   What is 'springing forth' in your garden right now?