Wordless Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Wordless Wednesday 3-11-09

Slow but steady

High  38
Low   31
We are now officially behind schedule with the snowdrops.  Last year they bloomed around the third of March and they were all set to open before the foot of snow covered them last Monday.  Most of that snow is gone but a new light snow is now falling and the little white flowers are closed up tighter than a lid on a pickle jar.   It can't possibly be much longer for that little green chevron on the open flowers to make its' appearance. Once the snowdrops bloom all else follows fairly rapidly.   DSC_0025 The moss is also glowing green and that is always a welcome and beautiful sight.  I sometimes forget that  gardener's from other parts of the world don't have the lush look of moss in the garden.  It is easy to overlook the commonplace isn't it?   DSC_0027 Here is another little patch of snowdrops which settled themselves into the nook in front of the ledge. It must be a bit cooler right here as they are less emerged than the others.  When one gardens it is often a waiting game don't you think.  Are you still waiting?  Which blooms are being stubborn in your garden?