Shadows in the snow
Under glass!


There is still snow on the ground which brings the leftover perennials into high relief.  The starkness of the landscape makes one appreciate the intricacies of these plants which during the height of summer can be missed in favor of the abundance of colorful blooms.  There is so much to see in the summer and so little at this time of year.  The above miscanthus is always appreciated at the edge of the fish pond and the shadow it throws in the winter is not seen in June.  This is the simple added bonus of the low winter sun.   Time is one factor which prevents me from cleaning out the whole garden in the fall.  Some plants are cut back but usually I leave the seed heads on many perennials for adding interest in the garden and the birds do like the seed heads of many of the plants.  DSC_0016 This purple coneflowers are looking bedraggled but they are still holding their heads up high. DSC_0004  Hydrangea petiolaris 'Limelight' still hangs on and the astilbe DSC_0017 are marching to their own beat in the garden with only a small army left.  I think that the most striking perennials in the garden in the dead of winter are the sedums.  DSC_0017 These 'Autumn Joy'  bring more 'Joy' in the winter.  Do you have a favorite 'silhouette' in the winter garden and what is it?