Merry Christmas to all!

Shadows in the snow

High 16 F
Low  3 F

DSC_0007 The new year arrived with the bitter cold of winter and a new blanket of snow.   The stark gray of a snowless landscape is an energy drain for me and, I am sure, many others.  The pristine snowfall  inspires more energy.  Perhaps it is the added light from the reflection of brightness or just the clean look of the landscape which seems to improve my mood.  Tucker and I took a brief walk today which started in the garden DSC_0002 and then wound down by the DSC_0005 winter garden or GFSD DSC_0006 and then to the field.  DSC_0011 The shadows are quite long this time of year.  We finally entered the woods DSC_0012 to clear our heads and in his case, to sniff the world.  The woods are quiet this time of year and a good place for reflection and inspiration.  We took the short loop through the woods and Tucker stopped every few minutes to sniff some invisible but apparently highly scented spots along the path.  I saw very few wildlife prints.  A few deer trails and this little creature's tracksDSC_0013 in the snow.  They were too small for a rabbit but probably a rodent of some sort.  I am not up on my tracking identification.  The trail emerges from the woods down by the barn and  along the way back towards the house this Helleborus foetidusDSC_0014 is a bright bit of green lushness in an otherwise monochromatic landscape.   It is such a surprise to find a green so hopeful withstanding the winter temperatures and looking cheerful in the cold.  Hope springs eternal as another year marks the calendar.  Anyone making New Year's resolutions?