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75 Exceptional Herbs for your garden by Jack Staub

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Monarda didyma
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75 Exceptional Herbs for your Garden is the latest in this series of books by author, Jack Staub. It is also the last  book of the book giveaway.  I think that you will find this one particularly interesting as there are many unknown facts and interesting tidbits concerning herbs contained within its' pages.  I should say, unknown to me!  I find that the more one reads about gardening the more one finds out how little one does know.  Humbling for sure.DSC_0013 This book is in the same style as the other three and will be a great addition to your garden book library looking  nice on the shelf and also packed full of information with a recipe or suggested cooking use here and there.DSC_0018 The chapters are quick reads which means you can read this book along with the five others you have on the nightstand.  DSC_0019 This is the chapter on anise which provides quite a historical background for the many uses of anise which have been employed by naturalists across the ages.  Click on this picture to enlarge it and read the quote at the top.  As bloggers and garden lovers, plants connect us across the many miles between our gardens.  This book brings the connection back to botanists from the fourth century B.C. through the middle ages to current times.  This is a pleasant way to learn a few new names and botanical history.   Have any of you ever heard of Hieronymus Bock?  That is a name is it not?  Apparently Hieronymus Bock was a  16th century German botanist who noted the uses of the herb, rampion or Campanula rapunculus.   Want to read more about this one?  Just leave me a comment concerning your favorite herb.  As long as you have posted a comment previously on this blog, you will be entered into the drawing.  Comments close at midnight on Friday the 30th. DSC_0005 There are still two months of winter remaining for many of us and, for others, the hot days of summer are ahead and that is when reading takes precedence.   I'd love to send you this book so leave a comment!

AND THE WINNER IS:  Lisa from Greenbow!  Congrats Lisa and many thanks to all who participated in the fun.