Wry tales of rye
Happy birthday to me!

Not so wordless Wednesday

The walk around the garden reveals this little chick-a-dee sitting behind thisDSC_0016 bamboo.  He looked as if he were wired to the branch he was so still but his little eye Dsc_0018 (2) is checking out the camera.  It was a cool afternoon and is currently only 36F.  The weather station needs a new battery so temperature ranges are interrupted.  I have a macro lens but no telephoto lens so I did get pretty close to this little creature.  The last picture is adjusted  but the other  was taken from about two feet away.  I think he was too chilled to move.   On another note, the pulmonaria is very green under the foliage of this ParrotiaDSC_0007 which has turned bright yellow.  I  actually have two Parrotia persica trees but this one DSC_0004 is Parrotia persica 'Pendula'.  The common name is Persian Parrotia...that is descriptive isn't it?   One would think that the name comes from exotic birds nesting in its' branches.  Not so, it was named after F. W. Parrot a German  plant expert.  It is native to Iran. This is, perhaps, a better view of this small tree.DSC_0002     It is hardy from Zones 4 through 8 and is one of Michael Dirr's favorites according to his information in The Manual of Woody Plants.   Both forms are quite pleasing although the straight species is planted in too much shade at the end of the long border.  It is growing slowly and is quite an elegant tree.  Since I fear the big oak is in decline, it may not have to wait too much longer for more sun.  Do any of you have any experience with this tree?