The river continues....
Wordless Thursday, November 6, 2008

More ledge revealed!

High 59 F
Low  34 F
For the past couple weekends, in addition to planting bulbs and other necessary chores, there has been an uncovering of another piece of ledge which sits at the back, northwest corner of the vegetable garden.  Covered ledge is hard to mow and as a result, unsightly and weedy.  The EM and his Dad are taking a look at the situation before the pressure washing commences.  The large rock is sitting on the bony bit of ledge. DSC_0037 We don't own a pressure washer but the EM said he would fix his co-worker's as it was not working properly.  The EM can do anything.  DSC_0036 Tucker is sitting next to the chainsaw created bench which has rotted to the point of collapse.  Tucker is crazy around anything water related but the pressure washer did not interest him.  I think he knew that it could be painful if he wasn't careful.DSC_0040   Pressure washing is dirty work.DSC_0052   Some ledge is nice and hard but this ledge is quite brittle in many areas although the front edge is nicely grooved and at a good angle to the ground.  There is still a bit of fine tuning to do in this area but I like the finished look of the ledge and find it an improvement over the previous ridge. DSC_0015 I could put some fine pea gravel on the top of this to level it and provide a bit of media for assorted alpines. There will be grass planted at the bottom in the dark compost area for ease of maintenance. DSC_0016 What would you do with this area?  Would you plant this or leave it as is?