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Guess who's coming to dinner?

High 49 F
Low  40 F
Dsc_0002 (2)
The rye grass in the corn patch must look like quite a delicacy to the white tailed deer.  For now, they are content to munch on the grass but as soon as the snow flies and then covers the ground, the deer will start on the rhododendrons and needle leaf evergreens and anything else that they can find.  I have friends who are hunters and one has told me that there is very little in the woods for them to eat this year.   It wasn't a very big acorn year and acorns are a deer staple.DSC_0018 I let Tucker out to chase these deerDSC_0002 off to the woods and he sniffed the air while they looked his way.  He then rolled over in the grass and took a lawn bath.  The deer went back to grazing until I opened the door to let Tucker back inside. Dsc_0003 (2) They are bold, beautiful and quite destructive.  It is time to spray the trees once again and this time I will be adding some very hot, Bhut jolokia peppers! DSC_0088 I expect to hear some snorting in protest.  What do you use in defense of deer?