Winter has arrived!
Guess who's coming to dinner?

Flora and fauna

High 31 F
Low  17 F
Before the onslaught of the seriously cold weather I harvested some of the water hyacinths, Eichhornia crassipes,  from the fish pond.  I have a clear glass apothecary jar, of sorts, and thought it would be interesting to try to overwinter a couple plants in the jar on the plant shelf.  The jar looked a bit lonesome sitting on the shelf although the roots of the hyacinth are eerily beautiful floating in the water.  I decided that it might be interesting to add a fish to the water. DSC_0023 The Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), is also known as the "betta fish" or just "beta".  The males are the most colorful and since they are territorial just one to a container is the rule.  They have flair, color and pizzazz.  Betas can live in water with low oxygen levels and these factors seem like the perfect combination for this self-contained water world.   Meet Merlin.  He is a beautiful fish isn't he? DSC_0031 His 'tank' holds about a gallon and a half of water and I have just read that it should be changed weekly.  I didn't know this!  Now, feeling like a neglectful parent, I will add some fresh water and use the removed water to water some houseplants.  This being said, Merlin seems perfectly happy and has been in his new home for about a month now. DSC_0030 I think it must be much more preferable than the one cup container he lived in at the store.  Do any of you have any Beta fish and if so, what special treatment do you give them?