Not just a frost.....

The maples....eye candy!

High 47 F
Low  45 L
Well, the rain gauge is not working but it has rained and the rain did, in fact, interrupt the morning walk.  It has been dark, dreary and chilly all day but as I look out the window, the  Acer japonicum aconitifolium is a beacon in the garden and the one bright spotDSC_0005 in the garden on this grey day.  This tree never fails to color up and at a time when many of the native trees have lost their leaves.  Here is a picture of the whole treeDsc_0011 (2) which is still small. It was given to me by a friend when it was just a few inches high. I always think of him when this tree puts on its' pumpkin color.  Since this tree pulled me out into the garden on such a nasty day, I decided to take pictures of the other Japanese maples I have collected.  It is not a large group but they are all pretty colorful at this time of year.  This is the foliage DSC_0008 on the Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum'.  It has a pretty red stem and most of the leaves have dropped at this point.  This next tree is Acer palmatum 'Omurayama'.  DSC_0010 The leaves are a delicate pale yellow.  DSC_0009 It is starting to put on some size and should reach fifteen feet tall someday.  This next Acer is A. palmatum 'Osakasuki'. Dsc_0012 (2) Gee, it is interesting to note that I actually wrote down these names when I planted these in 1999.  This one is very slow growing and only three feet tall. DSC_0013 I guess it probably doesn't like this spot.  I will have to keep a closer eye on this one.  I have some of the dissectums, both red DSC_0017 andDsc_0022 (2) green. DSC_0019 They add so much texture to the garden it would be hard to live without them.  I almost forgot about the Acer griseum.DSC_0033   This tree is not thriving either but it is alive and about eight feet tall.DSC_0035   Perhaps it needs more sun but the foliage is bright and the bark is cinnamon, peeling, and wonderful.  There is always something that shines in the garden, even on a nasty day.  It just takes getting outside to find it.   What is shining in your garden today?

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