That's a big one!
Bloom Day - October 15, 2008

The Fish Pond-new bed!

High 70 F
Low  49 F

Rhode Island is one of those states which celebrates Columbus Day and since I worked Saturday I decided to take the day off and prepare the proposed bed by the fish pond.  Thanks for all the suggestions concerning this bed.  I will add plantings in the spring but I wanted to get the bed prepared and plant the existing plants before the very cold weather. DSC_0050 I got out all the tools and started with an edge.  The ground is damp and pulling out the first layer of sod was easy but the task of removing all the sod looked daunting so I decided to try 'lasagna gardening'.  It wasn't easy to convince myself to leave the sod.  It just feels wrong! I did it anyway.  What is life without a few experiments?   The cardboard and paper were laid out in the area and the water hyacinths, which have not yet succumbed to frost, went on top to wet everything down.DSC_0052   Then, ten to twelve wheelbarrows of compost went on top of the paper.  I did dig the holes for the plants first with the exception of the Heuchera.  That one went in after the pictures.  Tucker was not impressed with all this back and forth activity but he dutifully performed as  'Job  Foreman'.  Many times I have planted three shrubs only to find that the middle one is not centered so today, Mom and Hopie, who stopped in to bring more newspaper, sat on the bench directing.  DSC_0053 I put the two end hollies in first and then centered the third in the middle.  The compost had some huge worms which I should have taken a picture of but I was so dirty that the camera would have suffered but, they are worth noting.  After all the compost was placed on top of the first layer and the plants were in place I added a layer of pine bark mulch.  DSC_0059 The mulch should keep the compost from running into the pond.  I have plenty of room for those plants many of you have suggested and also a whole winter season to think about them.  The amsonia does look a bit lost but I am on the hunt for a few more.  It may have to wait for spring.  I did tuck some bulbs in this bed berfore putting on the compost and mulch.DSC_0060   Not a river of bulbs, just a few grape hyacinths and some daffodils.  DSC_0063 I am well pleased with the new bed and pretty weary after a good five hours of heavy gardening.  Is there anything as satisfying as a newly prepared bed?