Gail and Layanee's big adventure!
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Garden Elves

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It seems there has been a recent visit from a garden elf as evidenced by the above picture. This elf leaves coppery fiddle heads in her wake.  Does anyone have any idea where these might have come from?  Dsc_0005 I am thinking they look very familiar and I think I saw them over here.  Hmmm, my thanks go to the elf.  Another addition to the garden this weekend will be thisAmsonia_hubrichtii Amsonia hubrictii which Gail and I discussed during her visit here.  I have the Amsonia tabernaemontana and have long wanted this one which does grace the cover of Nan Ondra's great book, Fallscaping.  The fine foliage and fall coloration make it desirable but do you think it looks better with this Dsc_0001 Heuchera 'Caramel' or the Dsc_0002 contrasting 'Obsidian'?   The pink muhly grass is not hardy here so that option is out.  I could put it with Pennisetum but the forms are much the same.  I am not sure where this will end up but I am kicking myself for only picking up one of these amsonias.  This one I am going to call 'Gail's Pick' since she encouraged the purchase.  I had just dropped Gail off at the airport and stopped in at a garden center to check in with a customer and these were right there in front of me.  Sometimes you have to just seize the moment don't you think?