Wordless Wednesday, 9-24-08
Fall Berries

The unexpected!

High 66 F
Low  41 F
Sometimes nature throws you a curve ball.  I think this happens quite often in the garden.  I have been enjoying the orange impatiens in the back garden.  I planted them late and only because there was going to be a garden tour here in mid-August and there is really not a lot of color in my garden in mid-August.  I don't mind that as I enjoy texture and the contrast of all the different green in the garden but the average non-gardener responds to color and that means annuals.  Why else would Butchart Gardens be so popular?   As you can see, my organic approach to the lawn, which involves simply mowing it, has resulted in a patchwork effect.  I have decided to add compost to it but that may be all.  I digress.  Anyway, the orange impatiens are a bit garish in the border but I added an urn which carries the orange impatiens along Dsc_0085_2 with a coleus and a sedge adding a bit more interest to this shrub border.  I forgot that I had planted colchicums in this bed.  Colchicums Dsc_0143 are not uncommon to those of us who garden and they are a pretty pinky purple aren't they?  I can't help but apologize for this combination but when I have, those who have seen it have said that they likeDsc_0085 these colors together.  Is that really possible.  I  have been cringing every time I walk by but it seems to be growing on me.  I guess I am lucky that I didn't set the urn right on top of them. Or maybe I should move the urn to cover them right now.  What do you think?  There is always a dilemma somewhere in the garden isn't there?