Almost wordless Wednesday-9-03-08
Secret Garden Tour, Newport, The Duke Estate at Rough Point

The lushness of a late season garden

High 82 F
Low  65 F
It has been a fairly moist summer with just a couple weeks of dryness.  The rain gauge says 38.84 inches so far this year and the yearly average is around 42" which may mean we are in for a dry fall.  Most lawns are still green and the garden looks quite lush this year.  The birds are busy on the sunflowers and the bees have built their paper nests on the branches of the trees.  The white faced hornets build a particularly interesting nest with visible layers. Dsc_0021 This nest is about seven feet from the ground and hanging right over one of the gardens.  I walk under it regularly which is not a good idea as these are aggressive and painful stingers.  Some people cut these nests in winter for decoration.  I shudder whenever I see one displayed in such a way.  Is this wasp and nest common in your area and, if so, would you display this creative home on a wall?