Spiny balls and other exotics!
Almost wordless Wednesday-9-03-08


High 80 F
Low  56 F
I have read that the moonflower, Ipomoea alba, can open in just a minute or two.  I haven't yet caught it in the act but it is a spectacular flower.  Perfection of symmetry and color, even theDsc_0015_2 stamens and anthers are white.  I think it could be called the moon/star flower as there is a definite star in the center of the blossom.  How does nature create such perfection.   Dsc_0015 The vine is a bit coarse and looks like the other members of its' morning glory, Convolvulaceae, family. It has grown quite quickly on the pyramidal support and would grow even taller if it could.  Its' runners are drifting in search of further support but with little luck.Dsc_0064    Without a bloom, it is nondescript. In bloom, the moonflower is what dreams are made of. Dsc_0061 The hyacinth beans, courtesy of Hank over at Lake County, add a bit more color and interest to the trellis and the vines are intertwined making this trellis one of moonbeans.    Dsc_0018  I am only catching a light fragrance from the flowers but the nights have been cool which may reduce the intensity of scent.   Have you grown this?  I grew it because of all the comments on blogs last summer so if you posted a picture of a moonflower, or a description of its' charms,  you are responsible for this gardener's celestial adventure.