Wet Weekend!
Wordless Wednesday, 8-17-08

Late for bloom day once again!

High 69 F
Low  52 F
I am once again late for the official Bloom Day.  Hosted by Carol of May Dreams, Bloom Day does give many of us from all parts of the world the chance to glimpse that which is in bloom in other's gardens.  I find that plants really unite us.  I am only going to show the nicest pictures.  I know, not fair but time is short, it is late and blooms there must be. Dsc_0025 The water hyacinth has taken over the fish pond and is finally blooming.  The blooms are the  a soft shade of lavender and up close are most exotic.Dsc_0037   The helenium has been blooming for a couple of weeks now.  It stands a good five feet tall in the left handed mitten garden and adds a bit of brightness to the garden as the shadows lengthen and the garden is in much shadier conditions than mid-summer.  Also blooming in an insipid pink is theDsc_0039 Physostegia which is variegated.  I don't think I like this plant and  will move it next year.  I think it would look better combined with the Sedum  'Brilliant' which has the light pink flowers.  Time will tell. Dsc_0046 Dahlia 'Poeme' is still sending flowers skyward and the Coleus 'Sedona' is flowering although the foliage Dsc_0047 is much more spectacular than the blooms.Dsc_0040 The Boltonia asteroides is a cloud of white and one last shot is thisDsc_0041 pot of Sedum 'Vera Jameson'.   I am sorry to be late to the party especially since September Bloom Day will be the last significant Bloom Day of the year.  Sigh.