Field and woods!
Wordless Wednesday, 9-24-08

In the garden!

High 60 F
Low  50 F

Today in the garden I found another preying mantis.  For more information on these curious creatures check out this link on mantids.  The second one is much bigger than the first and dark in color with a green abdomen.Dsc_0010_2   Here is the picture of the first one which was much smaller and it even had green eyes!  This is the picture of the second one. Dsc_0093 Are the females larger than the males?  Since they eat their mates' head, they must be. Dsc_0094 Here she is looking right at me.  E. T. for sure!  I don't think they look at all like they are praying, more like waiting for prey.  They move pretty fast.  This one kept scurrying away from my camera lens.
It was a rather dull day with overcast gray skiesDsc_0005 so I will leave you with a couple of photosDsc_0056_3 from the weekend on Martha's Vineyard with my daughter in celebration of her birthday. Dsc_0060 The sunsets were gloriousDsc_0069 and eating lobster Dinner_2 on the beach is a great way to end a day.