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Fall Berries

It is time for berries in the garden as noted by many bloggers starting with Mr. McGregor's Daughter a week ago.  I am a bit behind but then my berries are not showing as much color as others, in many cases.  The Callicarpa or purple beautyberry Dsc_0139 is just starting to color.  The crabapples Dsc_0145 are quickly succumbing to the bird's diet but they are a pretty sight while they last.  The cotoneaster hasDsc_0116 little berries.  This blue holly Dsc_0117is still in the container waiting for a place in the border.  I think I am going to put it over by the fish pond in the new bed.  When will I find time to cut a new bed?   Somehow it will happen.  There are rose hips on the Rosa glauca which has lost all of its' leaves. Dsc_0121 I love this rose but it doesn't grow that well for me.  I have tried it in several different locations and it survives but does not thrive.   The drupesDsc_0133 on the Styrax japonica 'Pink Chimes' are very interesting if not colorful.  They hang from the branches  like ornaments.  Perhaps the prettiest berries around are these berries which are on the pokeberry which is over by the clothes line and not in the garden at all.Dsc_0129   Pokeberries have long been used as an herbal remedy, to make ink, and they are considered a weed but I have seen the variegated pokeberry in containers and gardens this season. Dsc_0003_2 The bright fuschia stems are really quite striking on the first picture and more subtle on the variegated cultivar.   One of the more interesting 'berries', I am using the term very loosely here, is on the Kirengeshoma or Japanese Waxbells. Dsc_0137 Aren't they deadly looking?  I don't have anything out of the ordinary here in the garden but the berries are an added bonus to the ornamental plants in the garden.  There are quite a few berries on the Cornus kousa as seen in the first picture and here.  Dsc_0141 These are fleshy and look good enough to eat. They are edible but not very tasty according to Wikipedia. Dsc_0140Maybe I should try them?  Has anyone tasted these?  You could save me the trouble of tasting them if you have already tried them.  If not, next week I will give it a go!