Garden Shots
Wordless Wednesday, August 27, 2008

View from the bench

High 75 F
Low  50 F


The  bench by the fish pond has a great view.  Tucker and I often have morning coffee sitting on this bench.  The water hyacinths have had a good year.  They don't always take over the pond but this year they must have really liked the weather. Dsc_0044_2 This is the view from the bench across the pond to the far garden. I am thinking of cutting another bed along the far edge of the pool and planting some screening shrubs and grasses so that there is a sense of seclusion to the fish pond.  What do you think?  I am open to suggestions. I have thought of this for several years but haven't implemented any ideas yet.   Dsc_0045 Looking a bit more to the right, the grasses are providing a bit of privacy behind the waterfall. Until this spring, the waterfall had been silent for several years. Dsc_0048 The ledge around us seems to attract lightening and since the power source is in that far off garage just visible in the picture, it has been a task to replace the power line.  Hopefully, this latest one  will weather all storms.Dsc_0024   The new filter is working well and the fish seem quite happy although they do have voracious appetites in the summer. Dsc_0046 Looking to the left from the bench, the rhododendrons and the Kousa dogwood edge the woods.  The deer have limbed up the rhodies quite nicely. Dsc_0025 The Kousa is sporting many berries which are starting to color for the fall display.  The volunteers in this garden include this Verbena bonariensis Dsc_0049 which is providing a hold for one of the morning glories.  Sometimes nature's plan is more interesting than any the gardener can create.