Lavender Lace
Wordless Wednesday, 8-20-08

The pool garden.

High 79 F
Low  59 F (so far)

I am fortunate to have a pool.  I don't show it on the blog much as it seems a bit showy to do so but there it is.   I feel very lucky to be able to enjoy a swim every few days or so.  Tucker loves to swim.  He uses it the most but when you live in the country with limited diversions, a pool is a very nice thing to have. The gardens around the pool include a border on the left side which has assorted Lilium and daylilies and also some annuals. Dsc_0314 It looked great when the lilies and the huge delphiniums were in bloom.  It needs some cleaning right about now and looks best in a long shot.  Dsc_0019 The veggie garden is on the other side (on the left in the second picture).  Since the area has to be fenced by law because of the pool, even in the middle of nowhere, it is a good area for theDsc_0017 vegetables.Dsc_0316 It is not too big which is why the corn patch went in last year.  The pool garden is a separate room because of the fence. Dsc_0313  I love the gate which the EM made.  It is simple and frames the view both into the pool area and looking out toward the ledge border.  Dsc_0325 A sense of enclosure can be a very good feeling don't you think?