Wordless Wednesday, 8-06-08

Wild things!

High 80 F
Low  60 F
The garden was full of life this weekend.  I sat by the left handed mitten garden trying to get a shot of the hummingbird and the butterflies and much to my surprise, other creatures appeared.  It was rather pleasant just sitting and waiting with the drone of the cicadas  and the sounds of the birds in the background.  It is hard for me to sit still for any length of time, just waiting although I am very good at taking a nap lying down.  The hummingbird definitely knows when something is not in its' right place and it took quite a while to get this shot Dsc_0027_2 which, since I don't yet have telephoto lens, is not too bad.  She is looking right at me while sipping the nectar. All I see in this picture is the stick of bee balm which should have been cut down to the two leaves.  I'll do better next time.   I did pick a few weeds while sitting in the chair and a slight movement in the center of the bed caught my eye.  Someone else was lying in wait for a noon treat.  Dsc_0017_2 I know snakes are beneficial in the garden but I truly hate to be startled by them.  This one is wrapped around the stem of a delphinium, long past.  I did notice that the seeds should be ready for harvest although I wasn't about to reach in and grab them until this guy found another perch.  The butterflies would seem an easy target for the lens with their gracefully arching drifting in the breeze but they are remarkably fast.  I have found that it is better to wait for them to land and start feeding before you venture near.Dsc_0233   They do love the coneflowers and the butterfly bush flowers. Dsc_0229_2 The bees also like the coneflowers and this one seems to be napping.   Dsc_0032 Over by the pond, the dragonflies were zooming about like  helicopters in flight. They hover and lift like helicopters.  Then there are the frogs.  Dsc_0037 I like the webbing of their feet and their incredibly muscular legs.  No wonder they can jump so high.  A day in the garden among the wildlife is a great day don't you think?