Wordless Thursday!
Wordless Wednesday-July 23, 2008

Underwater is the place to be!

High 91 F
Low  67 F

Is this what it feels like to live in Miami?  High humidity and heavy air and, in addition, wind.  Today there was a good breeze but it was hot.  Hot and dry and the wind just dries everything out a bit further.  The fish don't care as long as they get their kibble.  They are getting quite large and now I am starting to worry about how they will overwinter.  I'll think about that tomorrow.  This was a busy weekend and the heat precluded gardening activities.  The blooms are still bright but if the rain doesn't arrive soon, they will fade quickly.   
This is a shot of the Phlox 'Peppermint Twist' which I ordered this season from a nursery which I will have to look up in the records.  I did order three and as you can see one is clearly not twisted but a pure coral although to the camera's eye, it looks pink.  I do like this bi-color cultivar.  From a distance it looks like a Sweet William bloom.  It is quite short, measuring about twelve inches high but that could be due to its' first year in the garden.  Does anyone have this plant and what does yours look like ?    Dsc_0224 The left handed mitten garden is well amended with compost and resists the dryness more the the other gardens but it too is showing signs of stress.  The bee balm flowers are drying up and deadheading is an ongoing, and often neglected, task.  In front of the solarium a volunteer is showing an amber face.  Dsc_0238 This sunflower is blooming from the seeds left from last year's planting.  It is a warm color and sunflowers are such happy flowers that they are welcome in the garden. Dsc_0237 I like this side view shot a bit better as it shows the gracefully arching neck and frilled skirt of this party crasher.   Are there any volunteers in your garden and, if so, what are they?