4th of July-Main Street, Bristol, RI
Sublime scents!

Through the garden gate!

High 87 F
Low 67 F

It seems as though I have been posting about everything but my garden which is at its' best, in some spots, right now.   I do have to qualify that!  Some spots! The fourth of July weekend is the penultimate point of summer for me as the days are incredibly and inescapably starting to shorten.  The newness of spring is long past and the impending 'dog days' are coming due.  That said, the delphiniums by the pool are making their summer debut. Dsc_0314_2 They are standing sentinel poolside watching for wayward swimmers Dsc_0324 while keeping their shoulders high and their purple eyes wide open in spite of some hail last week.  I did tie these up but we all know that doesn't always work, don't we!  Just luck this time.  Gardening is subject to such variables that nothing is certain. I am grateful for these!  Looking back through the gate to the Florida bed, Dsc_0325 the Clematis v. 'Etoille violette' on the right side of the fence is twining its' way through the New Dawn roses which are now past their prime and on the other side,Dsc_0313_2 'Julia Correvan' winds its' way skyward.  I like the changes in the garden.  Would I covet the rose and clematis blooms as much if they were there all the time?  Would you?