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Last week, before the fourth of July, I was wandering the ocean area of the Ocean State and stopped to see Kris and the gang at Blithewold.  This time, only Kris was there working hard on a very warm day.  When I found her she was in the midst of the greenhouse gardens watering.  It was hot and windy, two conditions which add to the dryness but the view she has from her outdoor office is truly enviable.  The poppies were still beautifulDsc_0257 if a bit bedraggled as they reach the end of their party. Dsc_0250 This is the clematis 'Roguchi' which I was happy to see looking so floriferous Dsc_0253 as I had just purchased one on the Longwood trip.  The gardens look beautiful as always.  The staff at Blithewold has very high standards.  Dsc_0276 This little pond garden is charming and the annual bedsDsc_0262 are always a learning landscape. Dsc_0261 This new path is inviting drawing one through and into the new children's garden.  You can see the pretty blue benches in the back of this garden. Dsc_0277   They sit in the shade of the bamboo grove which has a path right through the middle.  I love emerging into the bright sunlight from the dappled grove. The best part of my visit was actually getting to chat with Kris for a few moments.  She showed me around and we talked plants for a while.  I loved the row of sweet peasDsc_0264 and even more so as Kris picked a bouquet for me to take home.  Dsc_0266 She has the hands of an artist and gardener andDsc_0267_2 wears her hat quite well.  Long after this visit, the scent of sweet peas will remind me of our walk and talk in her garden and the still life on this potting bench.  Dsc_0275 Thanks Kris!