Sublime scents!
Bloom Day - July 15, 2008

Orange is good!

High 82 F
Low 64 F
The veggie garden is bearing fruit.  I picked this cabbage today Dsc_0244 and made a cole slaw to take to dinner this evening at my sister's house.  It was delicious!  The cucumbers are showingDsc_0246_2 and the flowers are filled with bees.   The beans are also flowering.  They are the purple beans which change to green when they are cooked. Dsc_0247 They are easier to see on the vines for picking purposes but aren't the flowers a pretty color?  The pepper plants are fruitingDsc_0258 as are the tomatoes.  I planted many different kinds of tomatoes. Dsc_0254 This one is 'Green Zebra' and since it never turns red I am wondering how  I will know when it is ripe.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?  The best observations today had to have been this tomatoDsc_0250 and also this oneDsc_0255 which is 'Red Lightening'.  I have not had color on tomatoes this early in many years.    I feel as though I have won a prize!