Lushness at Longwood!
Digging takes to the airwaves!

Green is serene

High  Too early to tell 
Low  63 F

Green is always a good topic for conversation in the garden blog world and Emma, over at IndyBlogs, has suggested green for a post.  In the midst of the July borders, where color is the highlight, green is the  soothing backdrop.  It is interesting to note how many heart shaped leaves there are in the garden.  Dsc_0238 The Dutchman's Pipe, a vine which seems to be taking over the fence and border (don't plant it!), has a flat, dull surface but it is now a green wall providing privacy on the wire fence in the corner of the pool garden.Dsc_0231_2 I believe that this is Aristolochia tomentosa and, be forewarned, it travels everywhere.  If it were not for its' invasive nature, I would  be a bit more of a fan! Dsc_0227 The vegetable garden has is predominantly green right now with bits of bright calendula adding contrast.   Who doesn't love the promising green of tomatoesDsc_0228 growing lushly in their wire cages?  Zeus is looking quite 'manly' with his crown of sempervivum sporting a tumescent flower stalk which is predominantly green. Dsc_0230 I didn't actually think of this effect when I planted him but it makes me chuckle every time I see him.    The evergreens such as thisDsc_0239 Pinus strobus 'Soft Touch' and theDsc_0241 Larix decidua 'Pendula' are sporting their new shades of green of the emerging new growth.  Dsc_0243 The hostas are a wealth of green shades and I never tire of the streaks and stripesDsc_0242 on their leaves. Forsythia are a welcome sight in springtime but their yellow glory fades as the season progresses.  This forsythia,Dsc_0240 however, Forsythia 'Fiesta', is one well worth having in the mixed border for its' cheerful variegation, cherry red stems,  and demur habit.  The bleeding hearts have long faded but their foliage still remains and Dsc_0247 holds the dew drops nicely.  The gold leaf Catalpa tree which is cut back to the main trunk every spring generates a sumptuously tropical looking green/gold leaf. Dsc_0248 It is a punctuation in the back border where green predominates.  On the first of July, the borders are reaching a peak of color but green, green can be subtly exciting  don't you think?