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Digging takes to the airwaves!

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Many of you may know that I am a co-host on a gardening talk show which airs every Sunday in the Boston/Providence area.  The show can be heard live Sunday mornings from six to ten a.m. at and there are podcasts available if you click on the gray letters 'Click here for radio show info' and then scroll down and click on the ipod.  This past Sunday we had a very special guest caller, Pam Penick from Digging.  Pam  had listened to past shows via the podcasts and mentioned it in a comment line so I suggested she give us a call.  That she did, and she shared her thoughts on gardening and we discussed some of the plants which grow as well in Austin, TX as in New England.  Given the distance and climate differences, not to mention soil etc., I always find it amazing that we seem to have more plants in common than one would expect.  It was a great disappointment to me to have had my travel plans thwarted in mid stream while trying to get to Austin those few months ago.  I really was looking forward to meeting all of the bloggers who attended the 'Spring Fling' in Austin, TX so it was a great thrill to speak with Pam on the radio.  She is as eloquent in person as she is with her writing.  Should you wish to hear our conversation, just choose the June 29th, third hour podcast.  Her interview is about an inch across the scale.   Gardening is a regional activity and answering questions on air is great fun and often a challenge.  The Garden Guys, Sam and Jim, are both very knowledgeable in all phases of gardening in this region and they are a joy to work beside.  Sam and I trade off weekends while Jim is on every weekend.    The radio show is a call in show with a variety of questions from the listeners and I find it a great way to share the joy of gardening.  If you can't be in the garden, you can be talking about the garden!  We do try to provide interesting information as well as an entertaining format and it is definitely a regional show but should you wish to share your thoughts on gardening it would be an honor to hear from any of you.  You can contact me by email which is on my 'About' page if you are interested in calling the show and telling us in New England what is going on in your garden.