Wordless Wednesday-July 23, 2008
Garden Whimsy!

Blue sapphire and other garden shots!

High 83 F
Low  64 F
Tucker with an apple
I was sitting at the desk looking out the window the other day when I noticed the stems on the Eryngium 'Blue Sapphire' are much bluer than the flowers have ever been.  The flowers,Dsc_0023 and I use the term loosely,are more of an architectural silhouette with no soft petals in sight.  They are stiff and prickly and also very interesting but those stems!  I am enjoying that blueDsc_0221 which is at eye level with the desk.  The flowers have faded to brown but remain interesting.     Dsc_0222_2 The stems have watercolor splotches of blue.   I am thinking that I should add some of the other Eryngiums to my garden as I did see the ones Kris over at Blithewold posted and they are just as curious.  I like the large number of flowers in her clumps.  Are any of you growing any of the Eryngiums and what are your thoughts on this Genus?