Bloom Day - June 15, 2008
Chinese Wax Shrub

Quintessentially New England!

High 71 F
Low  47 F

Went to a garden party last night.  What fun! My garden club had its' annual pot luck dinner last night and Sue, one of our members, hosted the party at her very New England home.   Beautiful gardens, lovely people and rocks everywhere!  Not just the kind of rocks that you find in my garden which are heaving their shoulders out of the ground with no hope of release.  No, big boulders, big steps, stone walkways, and stone walls. Dsc_0046 Could this be anywhere else but New England?  Well, probably but I haven't yet been there.  This spells home to me.   Dsc_0058 Here is the walkway which is bordered by many interesting plants such as sedums and sempervirens and look at that huge stone well head just beyond the purple salvia. Dsc_0058_3 I wonder how much that weighs?   I'm not sure if I am leaning or it is leaning. I might have had a glass of wine or two. Dsc_0048_2 Steps are so inviting especially when made from natural materials don't you think?Dsc_0044   The borders are pretty lush right now and these lead to the 'Summer House' where many treats were laid out on the tables.  Dsc_0045 On the other side of the stone path the border rounds out and stretches to the lawn.  A very inviting entrance to a wonderful feast!  I particularly loved Sue's 'still' behind the barn.Dsc_0057_2   I teased her about this but this is actually a water tank which collects the rainwater off the roof of the barn and which is used to water the vegetable garden. A great barn with an ingenious water tank!  Check out the rock foundation of the barn.   The vegetable garden is behind me as I took this picture of the barn.  It is carved out of the field which necessitates a fence to keep out the deer, woodchucks, rabbits, etc.  Dsc_0056 In the garden I found self sown lettuce, spinach and a tomato all ready to pick. Dsc_0052   I was very tempted but since there was just one red one, I resisted!   I also extracted a promise of a piece of this nepetaDsc_0055 which is about four feet tall with these luscious blue blooms.  It is a beauty isn't it?   What a nice way to spend an evening.  Thank you Susan.