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Parts is parts!

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The garden in June is a magical place.  It is made more magical with digital technology and the ability to blow up pictures to the point where pollen is visible and stigmas, stamens, anthers and filaments are visually intriguing and quite beautiful.   The secondary colors of the small parts of the flower take center stage and appear more vibrant than in the original photograph.  Nature's perfection is revealed in cinematic detail.  This acquilegia aka columbine was planted last year.   This cultivar holds its' head up high in comparison the the wild columbines which bow their heads and nod at the ground.  Both are beautiful in their own right don't you think?  Dsc_0005_3 Here is the longer shot of this columbine.  The petals are hand painted works of art.
The 'Pat Austin' rose which I planted a couple of weeks ago is blooming.  Dsc_0023_2 The stems seem a bit weak for the heavy flower heads but I am hoping that when the roots take hold and penetrate the soil the stems will thicken and strengthen enough to hold the flowers up high.  This apricot flower blends well with the Spirea 'Magic Carpet'  which is out of sight but  in the same garden bed.  I planted this rose behind the stone bench at the fish pond in the hope that it would provide fragrance while one is watching the fish swim.  Time will tell.
I planted three of these iris and one of them, named 'Starship Enterprise', is blooming. Dsc_0054_2 I don't see any sign of the others but this one is giving a satisfying show and has several buds lying in wait.   I hope that it likes this spot and multiplies in the coming years.  Dsc_0051_2 The Siberian iris are starting to bloom.  All seem a bit late this year as it has been a chilly spring.  I planted these long ago and am not a record keeper so the names are lost.  I'm calling this one 'Sky Wings' and the next could very well be 'Caesar's Brother'.Dsc_0053_3   Electric blue is so soothing in the garden. Dsc_0053_4 The clump is very elegant with the buds soaring above these flowers.  Nature's paintbrush has been busy on this hosta leaf. Dsc_0006_2 This one is 'Great Expectations' which is aptly named.  I have been waiting more than five years for this hosta to achieve some size and it is finally approaching 'greatness'.   I think this is a watercolor.   Is there anything more perfect than the colors nature blends?