Borders at Meadowbrook
Green is serene

Lushness at Longwood!

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For anyone who hasn't visited Longwood Gardens I would highly recommend a visit.  Longwood is a great family destination with masses of bedded annuals,Dsc_0129 walking paths, Dsc_0126 formal gardens,Dsc_0137 fountains, Dsc_0158 and now, even tree houses. Dsc_0135 The tree houses are a recent addition and kids and adults alike were clamoring up the stairs for the birds' nest views each afforded.  Longwood currently occupies 1050 acres in Kennett Square, PA which is about thirty miles from Philadelphia.  I am not in love with the mass bedding of annuals Dsc_0130 but most of the general public seems to love the impact of hundreds of colorful annuals.  I do find the shape of these rose arborsDsc_0119 satisfying and that the roses were in full bloom just made them more so.  Dsc_0124 There are interesting containers along many of the Dsc_0131 pathways.
One of the largest draws at the garden is the conservatoryDsc_0148 which covers 4.5 acres with twenty different gardens inside. Dsc_0149 I think it would be of even more interest Dsc_0152 when the weather is cool and dismal in the winter.Dsc_0162   There is an explosion of color inside with the lawns, plantings, and pools but at this time of year, I find the outside gardens, such as the waterlily courtyard, Dsc_0172 more inviting.  The vegetable gardens are also of great interest not only for the varieties of vegetables grown and the layout, Dsc_0177 but for the trellising structures used for the peas, Dsc_0181 green beans, and theDsc_0179 tomatoes.  There are bamboo tee pees Dsc_0188 for the kids and a sitting area complete Dsc_0189 with chairs and table.  The vegetables look luscious Dsc_0190 and some are ready to pick. Dsc_0192 I wonder who gets to eat these?  There is no classic perennial border at Longwood.  There is thisDsc_0200 modernistic garden of pathways and perennials but no voluptuous English border.  I find that a bit interesting and wonder about this omission.  I would love to see a curving perennial border in one of the garden areas.  There is certainly enough room and it is to be expected don't you think?
Longwood Gardens is a place which is dedicated to education and the enjoyment of horticulture.  It is meticulously maintained and those who work there should be applauded!