Wordless Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How hot is it?

Low 66 F
It is difficult to capture the heat in the garden.  This top picture was taken on the morning walk.  It was truly a summer morning even though the calendar is not up to speed yet.  The peonies are in full bloom and in danger of dropping the petals quickly due to the heat.  The gardener is sitting in front of the fan and the gardening chores must take place in early morning or late evening.  This is like Austin, TX I would imagine! Dsc_0039 How does one take  a picture of a peony which will not bore the readers?  I mention this as there are so many gorgeous pictures of peonies posted right now that it is hard to be original with a peony photo.      Dsc_0042 As a blog reader, I delight in seeing  pictures from all over the country.  The variation in color and form abounds.  Dsc_0020   As you will see, some of the peonies have petticoats which are much fuller than others.  Dsc_0058 This picture shows the talents of the Equipment Manager.  The inexpensive arbor in the barn garden fell to the ground this spring.  The EM put his welding talents to good use with  this project.  Dsc_0061 The goal was to have an overhead structure with an unobtrusive appearance.  Dsc_0058_2 I think he succeeded admirably and the clematis which were temporarily growing on the tomato stakes have started to twine around the rebar.  What is better than rebar! Well, I guess it would be having someone who can bend and shape it! Speaking of bending and shaping, the high temperatures are pushing flowers quickly to bloom and past and also doing some bending and shaping of their own. Dsc_0087 This last picture tells the tale and it is just about how many of us are feeling right now.