Almost Wordless Saturday...
Wordless Wednesday, 6-25-08

Garden Lover's Weekend!

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The drive and entry courtyard at J. Liddon Pennock Jr.'s home
It is difficult to leave the garden in June if only for a weekend but if one is to learn from the expertise and eye of others, it is a necessity.  This past weekend I joined a tour group traveling to PA and the gardens of Meadowbrook Farm, Longwood Gardens, and Winterthur.  Chanticleer had originally been on the tour instead of Meadowbrook but due to scheduling issues we were unable to see it. Meadowbrook
however, was an unexpected treat.  Dsc_0041
The entry door with a line of tiny, yellow pansies to step over.
Meadowbrook was the home of J. Liddon Pennock, Jr., a well known and respected florist and horticulturist in the area, the garden consists of twenty separate rooms. He and his wife, Alice,  were
  quite the entertainers. Dsc_0031
Front facade (Who waters those Alberta Spruce in those high urns?)
All of the gardens have an intimate and inviting feel to them and all have small, charming details and ornaments making them unique.  Most of the gardens were designed to be viewed from the house and that, to me, is the real charm of this garden.  Dsc_0053 The 'Eagle Garden' is  visible from the entry vestibule (I was not allowed to take pictures of the inside) and it has some interesting features such asDsc_0061 this table of collectibles.  This garden is just outside the living room and has a little sitting table.Dsc_0049   I always wonder if these are just props or were actually used by the owners.  This next view is from the dining room window which looks out on the potager.  Dsc_0051 There is a conservatory which is decked out with ficus pumila swags and this Dsc_0060 large staghorn fern over the door.  The view from the outside patio is lovely in every direction. Dsc_0052 Gardens flow from one to the other with circles Dsc_0059 and  rectangular spaces.Dsc_0057 There are little creatures watching over everything. Dsc_0074 I particularly liked this dipping poolDsc_0068 but had to wonder at the notion of putting a cactus next to it.  Dsc_0076_2 The Lyre garden has a music all its' own with the silver and gold plantings and it overlooks one of the gazebos. Dsc_0077 This is not a huge property but a lovely one and there are many other views worth showing so, if you will bear with me, I will add a few more tomorrow.  To be continued...