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Almost Wordless Saturday...

Chinese Wax Shrub

High 76 F
Low  53 F
The Chinese wax shrub, Sinocalycanthus chinensis, lives up to its' name.  The leaves are shiny or waxy to the eye and while this shrub was planted just last fall, it is already one which I check often for signs of deer browse and flowers which are just opening. Dsc_0061_2 They are small, about an inch across,  but  they do have a magnolia like appearance don't you think?  This shrub is hardy to Zone 4 and has been in cultivation in North America only since the early '80's.  Dsc_0067_2 I like the flowers and the buds are pretty but this shiny foliage is worth a second and third glance and only time will tell what the ultimate form of this shrub will  look like.  Is anyone else growing this shrub and what do you think of it?