Wordless Wednesday, 6-25-08
Lushness at Longwood!

Borders at Meadowbrook

High 76 F
Low  56 F

I posted the other day about Meadowbrook Farms in PA.  This small garden has many rooms plus a beautiful perennial border and a gift shop.  In addition to the dipping pool that I showed there is this great pool.  Dsc_0086 That is one of my beautiful sisters posing in the background. I think she is considering a plunge!Dsc_0087 This is the view looking back across the pool.  All the gardens are on an axis related to each other.Dsc_0044   There is statuary everywhere but it is well used as intriguing accents and is not bothersome as some statuary can be in a garden.  Dsc_0090 This piece is in the garden by the gift shop.  What do you call this kind of buddha? 
Double border along walkway
I had to show the perennial bordersDsc_0105 because as perennial borders go,Dsc_0109

these, Dsc_0102 one in the sun and one in the shade, Dsc_0104 are beautiful and there really isn't a perennial border at Longwood, a disappointment, or at Winterthur which is a more naturalistic landscape.Dsc_0098 The shade border winds around the outside of the sunny perennial border and is a welcome relief from the bright sun.  Pictures always come out better in the shade don't they.  Dsc_0094 There is also a vegetable garden which is gated and fenced.  There is no escape from critters even in the upscale neighborhoods of Meadowbrook, PA. Dsc_0095 I like this fence as it is fairly unobtrusive and there are some nice ornamentals in front of the fence.  The gift shop entry has a colorful grouping of plants Dsc_0028 and there are fun things to buy in the gift shop. Dsc_0091 This little guy went home with one of my friends.  A monster with a frog friend!  Gotta love it!  This is it from Meadowbrook.  I took over one hundred pictures here so you have only seen a few.