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Weekend update!

High 78 F
Low  58 F

When the night temperature finally exceeds fifty degrees we have turned a corner here in New England.  That is not to say that all will be warm from now on but it is a sign that summer is on its' way.  Memorial weekend is always busy.   The fish pond is coming along and is almost ready for some fish and some photographs. Dsc_0004_2 The borders are filling out to the point where the need for mulch has passed.  The vegetable garden is half planted.  The EM has made some stellar tomato cages.  He anchored them with an 18" piece of re-bar with an 3 inch 'L' weld at the base.  The re-bar was pounded in the ground with  'L' over the bottom row of the wire cage holding it to the ground.  Dsc_0033 I did start tomatoes from seed.  There is 'Brandy Boy', 'Mortagage Lifter', 'Sungold', 'Marglobe', 'Green Zebra',' Red Lightning' and that is about it.  A friend gave me one 'Celebrity' and one 'Juliette'. Dsc_0043This is what they looked like about two weeks ago before hardening off. Dsc_0013 My record keeping needs work so here they all are and I hope that when they fruit I will be able to tell them apart.  I also planted peppers this weekend including the famously hot 'Bhut Jolokia' which is ranked at 1,000,000 scoville units. I need to get a closeup of this pepper plant but it is just on the right of these tomato cages and the leaves are quite shiny and healthy looking.  This pepper plant is supposed to be quite ornamental and I am thinking of making deer spray from the fruit if I actually get some.  I will have to invest in a  hazmat suit  which will be necessary for picking and processing.  I hope the season is long enough for it to bear fruit.  As  I mentioned, the borders are filling in but the Phlox divaricata is starting to age and I will miss thisDsc_0019_2 beautiful, pale blue, cloud of florets.  I have to remind myself that there will be something else to garner attention as the season progresses.  This plant, in flower, will be missed!  What would you keep in bloom in your garden throughout the season, if you could?