Wordless Wednesday!
Garden shots!

Spring continues!

High 54 F
Low  45 F

The garden is getting another cold soaking today and tonight.  Golf is canceled this evening and it is quite chilly outside.   The flowering plants are caught in suspended animation and I would much prefer cool moisture than hot dryness.  The river of bulbs continues Dsc_0005 to delight and I am enjoying this bright tulip after the subdued but elegant color of the 'Accent' daffodils. Dsc_0007 This is hot, bright, and very visible from two hundred yards. Dsc_0002_2 The small crabapple is blooming by the fish pond which is still requiring a bit of work.  I did pick up a biological filter today so perhaps the EM will have time for hookup this weekend.  The pond still needs a good cleaning which may mean emptying it and refilling it before fish can arrive.    The crabapple is only a year old and my 'organic' lawn is looking pretty bad behind it so reseeding must be added to the list of chores for the spring.  The Carolina Silverbell, Halesia carolina, Dsc_0008 is starting to bloom but I did see a pink version today and it is truly lovely.  Carol over at May Dreams has a pink one she blogged about on April 28th.   I can see why she is happy with this tree.  Pictures just don't do it justice.   My white one has been in for about seven years and it is covered with blooms.    I am now lusting after the pink one though.  Another plant for the list.  The list never ends.