Wordless Wednesday, May 21, 2008 !
Mud Bath!

Nature's Mysteries!

High 55 F
Low  44 F

No matter how we plan, sometimes nature takes its' own course and we are left wondering  what meandering path the steps took from beginning to end.  The walk in the field and woods this week left me curious as to how the egg arrived at this destination in the middle of the field nestled against this fern.   What snatched it from the nearby neighbor's barn and how long ago did it meet its' demise?Dsc_0031
I also noticed this gall nestled in a bed of leaves along the path.  Nature makes perfect circles.Dsc_0010   Does anyone else have any of these little birdhouses made of thatch?  This one is hanging in the Rhododendron and is already occupied by a house wren.  She has packed the entrance so tightly that it is a wonder she can climb in but I have seen her do it. Dsc_0020 The moss is sending up short stalks which are really very thin and threadlike, Much goes unnoticed without the aid of a macro lens and a bit of close up manipulation. Dsc_0020_2 Would you  have realized just how red the base of these Moss_sporesdsc_0018_2 thread like stalks could be?  There is nature's circle once again in the form of a raindrop hanging on this filament.