The river is running!
Hoe down!

Ice follies!

High 49 F
Low  43 F

The temperature dipped dramatically a couple of nights ago.  I have been hearing people ask for basil, tomatoes and peppers at the garden centers and have cringed at the thought of putting them in the ground while spring is still so unsettled.  The above picture tells the tale.  I made it out to the back field just after the sun and it is interesting to note the frost pattern on the grassDsc_0095 following the shade, clinging to it andDsc_0093 not wanting to give up the crystals.  The violets in the field hadDsc_0096_2 a sugar coating as did the bee balm Dsc_0087 in the garden.  The bleeding hearts have such succulent stems it is hard to believe that they can recover from the cold but this oneDsc_0089 is pretty much back to normal.  On another note, I am excited about the last pair of garden gloves I will ever have to buy.  Dsc_0104 These are from Smith & Hawken and the sign said 'Guaranteed For Life'.  Well, they were not cheap but were on sale and that was a challenge that I just could not pass up.  Even my favorite gloves rarely last more than a season.  I did ask the sales person about the guarantee and they said that they would replace or refund these gloves.  Let's just see how long they last.  Any bets?