Spring continues!
Wordless Wednesday!

Garden shots!

High 49 F
Low  42 F

In reviewing today's pictures I realized that I took quite a few lousy flower shots.  I am left with overall garden shots which will have to do for tonight's post.  The above picture shows the pool border on the right and straight ahead, the barn garden is filling out. That white tree is the Carolina silverbell.  It is not quite  in full bloom yet. Dsc_0019 It does seem to be tilting to the left.  I could stake it and correct the lean but don't you think that gives it character?  Dsc_0034 This shot is taken of the left handed mitten garden and the Florida border down the middle of the lawn.  The lawn was mowed for the first time this weekend and while it is politically incorrect to sing the praises of the gas powered mower I have to comment that the sound of a mower is forever tied in my memory banks as one of the hallmarks of spring and approaching summer.  It's soothing drone is only second to the fragrance of freshly mowed lawn.  Green seems the predominant color right now but there are spots of color.  Dsc_0006 This is the Euphorbia polychroma in the background with the dwarf bearded iris next to it.  I like this color combination. Dsc_0038 The entry garden has the most color in it at the moment.   The tulips are blooming in their orange robes Dsc_0010 and the Iris cristata are in flower next to the purple leaved heuchera. Dsc_0033 The camassia are just coming out.  I am not so sure about camassia.  I haven't grown them before and I haven't decided if I like them or not.  I have two different species, Camassia cusickii Dsc_0009 and Camassia quamashDsc_0016 which is deeper violet.  Have any of you grown these and what do you think?