Bloom Day- May 15, 2008
Plant Combos!

Container combos!

Low   42 F

Hosta 'Krossa Regal variegata' and Lysimachia n. 'Aurea'
It is time to start potting up some containers and, if you are addicted as I am, it takes a bit of time so starting just a shade early with the less tender plants such as perennials helps with the time crunch to come.  There always seems to be so much to do and not enough time in which to get all tasks done.  The way of this world!  The above containers were filled and planted with the hosta which I divided and the Lysymachia which also was stolen from a bed.  I will put a tender annual in as a filler under the hosta which has an upright form.  Perhaps one of the fusion impatiens will go in that spot. Dsc_0005 The middle pot has a Sum and Substance hosta in it and there is little room for underplanting with this one.  We shall see what it looks like when it is fully expanded. 
This purple container is in high canopy shade so quite a bit of light gets through although it gets little direct sun.  I chose a Heuchera m. 'Midnight Rose' for its'Dsc_0003 speckled foliage,  Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' for the spilling effect, Solenostemon 'Lemon Sunsation' for its lemon yellow foliage with purple stems and the little Torenia 'Yellow Moon' which also combines the purple and yellow.  I like this combination and am looking forward to seeing it fill in.Dsc_0034 Elizabeth over at 'Gardening While Intoxicated' asked if anyone had tried any of these new Torenias yet.  I have not used the Torenias before but this new one did catch my eye.  I'm looking forward to seeing all of your container combinations.   What is more fun than the endless plants, containers and colors  we can put together.  I doubt if any of us use the same plants or pots and that is what makes each container the creative effort of the gardener who puts it together.  What are you potting up this week?